From the National Secretariat

A New Direction for the Institution

Culled: NIESV Newsletter Vol. 27, May/June 2016

"We are standing today on the threshold of a new beginning. The 2016 Annual Conference and the Council election are over. There is no victor, there is no vanquished. We all won. The Institution wins."

There is a lot to do to move the Institution forward, particularly in line with the vision and the lofty objectives upon which it was founded as enshrined in Chapter 1 (i) of the Constitution of the Institution.
An effective Secretariat is germane to the realisation of these objectives. To this end, the Secretariat is being reorganized and reenergized for efficiency and prompt service delivery to the members of the Institution whom we promised at the inception of the present leadership to serve in honesty, dedication, sincerity and devotion.
As an active conduit for communication and custodian of the Institution's records, the secretariat shall play a more critical role in fostering communication and diligence through proper management accurate documentation and utilization of important records and documents. The Secretariat under the current dispensation shall ensure responsible updating of documents as necessary and ensure all documents are safely stored and readily accessible.
To ensure the above, the office of the Honorary National Secretary (HNS) has been opened at the National Secretariat. The HNS shall be in the office every Wednesday and Friday, from 11:00am-1:00pm to personally attend the issues and complaints made by our members.
The HNS has also created an e-mail address where members can send their requests, demands and complaints to the address. I guarantee you that you will get a reply to your requests within twenty four hours of receiving same.
The staff is very crucial to us in our drive for efficiency and prompt service delivery. We shall put in place structures to enhance cohesion and proper coordination between the National Secretariat in Abuja, Lagos and Enugu Liaison offices. We shall build and leverage on group effectiveness, interpersonal communicating skills and effective team working skills.
The management shall ensure that the Secretariat staffs are well taken care of in terms of remunerations, we shall enhance their working conditions and work environment as best as we can, but at the same time, management shall not hesitate to apply sanctions where and when necessary.
Noble colleagues, we require and request for your cooperation in our quest to serve you and the Institution better and to acquaint the public with the role of the Estate Surveyor and Valuer in the economic development of the country.




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