Here is a listing of Paper Presentations made at NIESV Annual Conferences and other events.
You can click on the event title to download the presentation for your reseach and development purposes:

49th Annual Conference (EKOAKETE 2019)

THEME: A City that works
DATE HELD: 19th - 23rd March, 2019
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48th Annual Conference (OYO 2018)

THEME: Real Estate and Infrastructure as drivers of National Economic Development
DATE HELD: 21st - 24th March, 2018
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47th Annual Conference (IMO 2017)

THEME: Growing and Diversifying the National Economy: The Real Estate Imperatives
DATE HELD: 28th March - 1st April, 2017
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44th Annual Conference (Ibom 2014)

THEME: Maritime, Coastal and Inland Waters Investment and Management in National Development
DATE HELD: 25th - 29th March, 2014
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41st Annual Conference

THEME: Banking Reforms, Economic Empowerment and the Real Estate Sector
DATE HELD: 8th - March, 2011
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40th Annual Conference (Center of Excellence 2010)

THEME: Vision 20: 2020 and the Challenges of Housing Construction and Development in Nigeria
DATE HELD: 26th April - 1st May, 2010
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Annual Conference 2009

THEME: Mortgage Financing as a Veritable Tool to enhance Mass Housing Financing
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38th Annual Conference (Abuja 2008)

THEME: The Development and Management of Nigerian Cities
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37th Annual Conference (The Big Heart 2007)

THEME: Natural Resources Exploration and the Challenges of Development in the Niger Delta
DATE HELD: 27th March - 1st April, 2007
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