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Dear Noble Colleagues,
Sequel to the urgent effort to stop incursion into our profession, we need to apply our nobility to resolve the incursion from various professions in and outside Nigeria.
Its became imperative for us to build groups to run the business of Estate Surveying and Valuation; we cannot overlook the efforts of the Faculties past and recent, their recent activities had really geared us toward desired change in our noble profession, but more effort and more rooms still needed to be explored.
Based on the foregoing, we constituted a Business Division Committee to examine the current state and operations of our various Faculties and proffer solution for prompt implementation;
the following are the existing Faculties:
1. Housing
2. Arbitration Conciliation and Expert witness
3. Project Management
4. Estate Agency and Auctioneering
5. Plant, Machinery and Equipment
6. Valuation and Compensation
7. Property and Facility Management
8. Rural Practice
9. Land Information System/Land
10. Environment

The Committee proposed as follows:
1. Valuation of Property, Plant and Equipment
2. Valuation of Business and Intangible Assets
3. Resettlement, Planning and Compensation
4. Facilities Management
5. Property Management
6. Land Management and Geographic Information
7. Alternative Dispute Resolution
8. Estate Agency and Marketing
9. Auctioneering
10. Project Finance and Management
11. Housing and Development
12. Environmental Damage Assessment and Sustainability

There are other Special Interest Groups they identified as follows:
1. Public Service
2. Academics
The final report of the committee is to recommend the name to be given,
i. Professional Group, Business Group or Societies.
ii. The structure to adopt.
iii. The level of autonomy.
iv. The funding Mechanism.

We appreciate your input; kindly find it necessary to send in your creative advice/ contribution toward building a vibrant and dynamic noble profession.
It would be ungrateful not to salute the pains and courage of our noble colleagues, though working behind the scene; Noble Colleagues I appreciate you all:
1. ESV. Niyi Fadoju ------------------Chairman
2. ESV (Pastor) Livingstone Iyanda----Member
3. ESV. Adamu Kasimu---------------------Member
4. ESV. Elijah Olapade ---------------------Member/Secretary
5. ESV. Emmanuel Alao -------------------Member

Conclusively, below are new suggestions:
1. Compensation and Right of Way (Stand Alone)
2. Environmental Damage Analysis and Valuation (to be rephrased.)
3. Intellectual Property Valuation (to be created)
4. Agricultural and Agro Allied Property Development and Service (Rephrased)
5. Valuation of Property should be separated from Plant and Machinery and Equipment Valuation.

Note: Members are expected to send their comments on this report to the Institution’s mailbox not later than 3rd June, 2017

ESV. Dr. B. J. Patunola - Ajayi (FNIVS, FRICS, Thd)



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