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My Agenda

Culled: NIESV Newsletter Pg. 2, Vol. 27, May/June 2016

The Nigerian Institution of Estate Surveyors and Valuers is about 46 years old. It is growing in membership and strength. However, sustaining this growth is hinged on ability to build competence, capacity and enduring professional practice.

These remain my main focus as the newly elected President.
» Membership
» Professional Practice
» Regulations and Compliance
» Public Perception and Image
» International Affiliation (RICS, ASA etc)

» Build strong ties with institutions offering Estate Management and Valuation to guarantee quality of graduates.
» Practicing firms should be encouraged to adopt school through support and oversight functions.
» Ensure competent members are elected into Associates and Fellowship cadre of the profession.
» For Probationers that fail in the areas of thesis and interview, an avenue should be provided as intervention in the areas of deficiency through training.
» Professional Training and Capacity Building for members.
» Provides equal opportunity for members to get briefs or jobs.
» Use RICS as benchmark on standard and other rules of engagement.
» Exposure to international conferences and workshops.
» Put in place a functional, well equipped library. Create a Centre for Research and Development

» Build standard of professional practice in line with international practices.
» Review the Rules of Conduct, and Ethics of the profession.
» Carry out comprehensive assessment of practicing firms and setup a template for running a firm.
» Encourage partnership between academia and people in the practice (emphasis on Research and Development etc)
» Encourage mega practice through sustainable institutional and legal framework.
» Liaise with relevant professionals (ICAN/ANA, NAICOM, CIB) in order to build consensus.
» International firms entering Nigeria Market must be regulated to avoid stiffening local practitioners.
» Capacity development of firms through training and re-training.
» Take appropriate further steps in ensuring data organization and sharing for reliable Valuation and Appraisal practice in Nigeria.
» Ensure that various Faculties of NIESV are vibrant for proper capacity building.

» Critical review of NIESV Constitution, Rules and Regulations of the Board
» Provide a unified structure for NIESV and ESVARBON
» Provide serious Regulation for membership and practicing firms
» Create a Compliance and Monitoring Unit as a joint task force (NIESV/ESVARBON)
» Entrenchment of good corporate governance
» Publish list of offenders and actions taken on a weekly basis in the media (Print and electronic)

» Build a functional and user friendly website.
» Embrace the use of print, electronic and social media to sensitize the public about NIESV. » Most professions have a day of the week dedicated to showcase their activities.
» Public perception and image is everything. Invest heavily on branding-Students, professional members, firms and the institutions.

NIESV would not grow without vibrant relationship with relevant International Professional Bodies -International Valuation Standard Board, Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and American Society of Appraisal among others.

Making deliberate effort to achieve the highlighted 5-point agenda would put NIESV in its rightful place among professionals and create a standard for other coming leaders to follow.

ESV. Dr. B. J. Patonuola - Ajayi (FNIVS, FIRCS, Thd)
22nd President



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