You can now process your application online via the
Kindly read through the steps below to get acquainted with the Procedures:


A. Access to Application Module

1. As a new applicant, select the new applicant radio button and click on proceed button
2. Select from the applicant categories i.e. student, graduate, probationer, firm and senior professional route your appropriate choice
3. Enter a valid email and password of your choice
4. Re-enter the password under the Confirm Password
5. Click on Submit to activate your application login detail in your email box as provided above.
6. After receiving the Application Login details as forwarded to your email, kindly login with the details on the Portal as Existing Applicant

B. Completing the registration process
On login, use the menus available below to navigate through the registation process as applicable:
  My Registration
 Change Password

Stage 1
1. Click on My Registration Menu to commence the registration process
2. Provide the necessary information as required on the form
3. Click on Choose File to select image, then click on upload button to upload the your passport
4. And Click "Save"
5. Your Application is 25% continue
6. Click on the Next>> button to continue the registration process
7. Click on the Add New button to add your education history
8. Fill in the necessary parameters and click on Save button to save details
9. Your Application is 50% continue
10. Click on the Next>> button to continue the registration process
11. Click on the add new button to add a new certficate to your profile
12. Fill all necessary parameters and click on save button to continue registration process
13. Your Application is 50% continue
14. Select the Accept check box and click on the next button to continue
15. Click on the Next>> button to continue to the payment invoice for the registration
16. Your registration application is 100% complete
17. Click on Print invoice button to print the invoice for payment
18. After a successful payment the application print the Registration photo card and attached all the relevant document and send to the Secretariat.
19. Once your application is reviewed and approved an email will be sent to you for notification

Mode of Payment (options A or B)
If the Mode of Payment is Online - using VISA, Verve or MasterCard or Bank Transfer
 Click on the Pay Online button.
 The candidate will be switched to the CentralPay Payment Gateway Platform,
 select your choice of payment from any of the four (4) channels (VISA, Verve or MasterCard or Bank Transfer) to process payment.
 If payment is Successful, Registration photo card is displayed

B. If the Mode of Payment is Bank - Print Invoice and proceeds to any of these banks:
 Fidelity Bank Plc.
 UBA Bank Plc.
 First Bank of Nigeria Plc.
 Zenith Bank Plc.

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