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HOUSING means place of abode but EDEN a Hebrew word means a place of abode with God's presence.
Therefore Garden of Eden on the other hand is the first housing made by GOD for humanity.
Indisputably, Housing is one of the basic necessities of life hence the importance and attention given to it by Government, Individuals, Organizations and groups the world over.
Consequently, housing becomes the bedrock or basis for our professional existence. All our facets of practice derive their basis from housing. For example, all types of valuation are hinged on housing/building, Estate Agency also on housing/building, Facility management is on housing/building and most of all other professional activities are on housing.
Therefore, housing remains a mandatory tool of practice for every Estate Surveyor and Valuer, hence membership of HOUSING FACULTY should be mandatory for every registered Estate Surveyor and Valuer to enable us improve and enhance on capacity building.

1. Public Awareness: To serve as the Institution's window to the nation and the world at large in offering quality advocacy (ideas) on Housing, creating awareness through the sensitization of government and the public on the important issue of Housing.

2. Quality Housing Delivery: To explore collaborations, partnerships and constructive engagements with governments, stakeholders and key industry players with a view to promoting perspectives in housing delivery, housing finance, housing models and housing affordability within a conducive and congenial framework that facilitates progress in the housing industry and its delivery process.

3. Capacity Building: To provide a Forum and knowledge centre for capacity building towards professionalism and specialization in the core area of Housing.

4. Innovation: To encourage research into the varying broad ramifications of housing as a generic core subject/curriculum of national importance.

5. Stakeholder's Partnership: To foster in a pragmatic sense, a purposeful and robust synergy between the practitioners/professionals and the academia for the achievement of the Faculty's vision which is aimed at a mutually beneficial relationship, through cross-fertilization of ideas on concepts, philosophies, case studies and models in technology design and construction for outstanding promotions.

6. Membership Growth/Development: To drive for quality membership from within the rank-and-file of the Institution's members who would be committed to the promotion of the corporate vision of the Faculty and the noble causes of the Institution through the instrumentality of the attractive and achievement-oriented programmes of the Faculty.

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Every professional member of the institution is allowed to join a maximum of four (4) faculties.
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