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The Faculty of Real Estate Consulting was established in 2017 as a new Faculty of the Nigerian Institution of Estate Surveyors and Valuers (NIESV) during the restructuring process of the faculties. It was inaugurated by the President of NIESV, Dr B.J. Patunola-Ajayi, FNIVS on September 6, 2017 at Benin, Edo State.
The Faculty was saddled with the following mandates:
1. To develop and empower members of the Faculty with the requisite management and business consulting knowledge and skills to enable them offer management and business consulting services to their clients; and
2. To provide, and empower members with the necessary business skills to enhance and complement the technical skills for members' welfare.
In order to deliver on the twin mandate, the pioneer leadership of Faculty having realized its pioneer role and responsibility to build an enduring and sustaining foundation for the Faculty has set for itself an agenda and road map for its two year tenure.
The agenda comprises the following:

A. PROJECT 20-300
Project 20-300 is aimed at the initial membership drive campaign of the new Faculty. It is believed that most faculties in the past concentrated their activities in Lagos and Abuja. The Faculty of Real Estate Consulting intends to fully established and active in at least 20 branches of NIESV with a total membership strength that is not less than 300 members nationwide.
Machinery has been set in motion through the appointment of Chapter Coordinators in the existing branches of NIESV. Branch Chairmen have been contacted to nominate their members they consider suitable for appointment as Chapter Coordinators of the Faculty. The Chapter Coordinators will drive and coordinate the members and the activities of the Faculty within their various jurisdictions.

The ABCD signifies the four cardinal objectives of the Faculty. The leadership of the Faculty having realized that the name of the faculty has the possibility of giving it an amorphous identity felt it necessary to have the four cardinal
objectives that will enable members to identify easily and readily with the
mandates for which it was set up.
A - Advancement through robust advocacy
B - Business linkages for members' welfare
C - Capacity building for service delivery through training and research
D - Development of the society using our competencies

The curriculum of the Faculty has been developed with a view to providing and enhancing the knowledge and skill required for specialized practice of management consultancy.
The curriculum comprises the following competencies:
Business planning
Consultancy services
Strategic real estate consultancy
Analysis of clients' requirements
Corporate finance
Corporate real estate management
Corporate recovery and insolvency
Development appraisals
Development/project briefs
Economic development
Managing resources
Option appraisal
Programming and planning
Project evaluation
Property finance and funding
Research methodologies and techniques
Other competencies that are not specific to the Faculty but general to all members of NIESV will be required by the members of the Faculty.

The Faculty has plans to organize trainings where its members will acquire the requisite knowledge and skills needed for a successful practice as a Real Estate Consultant. The curriculum of the Faculty will be synthesized into two modules which members must attend prior to certification as Specialist Consultants.
The workshop format will as much as possible be adopted and organized in very conducive centres enabled with multimedia facilities. They will be highly interactive and participatory with a manageable size of about 25 attendees per session for optimal benefit.
The trainings will be organized based on the availability of resource persons, adequate number of members to be trained. Training topics will be selected based on prioritization of areas needed by members.

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