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Nigeria has been described as a huge naturally endowed nation so also in human resources as evidenced by her estimated 186m population as at 2016. In 2015, IMF report declared Nigeria as the biggest economy in Africa with US$493.83b in GDP , yet there was little to show for it. Very little of this sum was being invested in facilities and infrastructural development and management, rather significant sum of it were expected on recurrent expenditure while some also went into private pockets of some corrupt leaders. We have continued to crawl as a developing nation. We are among the most corrupt countries, a country that lacks maintenance culture, a country with high level of illiteracy, a monolithic economy, an import dependent economy etc. And to encourage us, we were described as the happiest people on face of the earth. What an irony!
Let me once again congratulate the leadership of our Institution for their determination to make these faculties work. It is the surest way to boost our members' capacity, competency and skills in the various faculties created for healthy competitiveness. May we never return to the days of being referred to as the "Jack of all trade, Master of all."
In the scheme of FIM, our members supposed to take the leading role. Our deep knowledge of property management and related skills which were acquired in the field of practice ought to have placed us ahead of other interested professionals if we had constantly sought to update our knowledge and skills in FIM. Nevertheless, it's better late than never.
The world's largest and the most widely recognized International Association for Facility Management professionals is International Facility Management Association (IFMA). It defines Facility Management as a profession encompassing multiple disciplines with task of making a facility function at all time, in order to make the users operate at optimum productivity. We therefore need many other specialized skills to be able to competently lead other professionals in the FIM team and for we to be able to earn that leadership position. IFMA was founded in 1980 and has is head quarter in Houston, United States of America supporting over 24,000 members in 104 countries with over 134 chapters, Nigeria inclusive. Together they manage more than 78b sq. ft (7.246b sq. mts) of property and annually purchase more than US$526 billion in products and services.
The recognition of this significant record of strength in Facility Management made RICS to establish a collaboration with IFMA in 2016 so as to complement RICS strength in wider built environment. This collaboration now makes RICS to support the establishment of FM as an attractive career option for the next generation and together with IFMA provide a talent path to drive best practices around the world. What NIESV has done with the establishment of this Faculty is to domesticate this historic collaboration by the foremost widely recognized professional bodies in the built environment. And indeed it is a step in the right direction.
According to IFMA, Facility Management is a profession that encompasses multiple disciplines to ensure functionality of the built environment by integrating people, place, process and technology. Every professional that needs to be qualified as a professional Facility Manager must be taken through the 11 core competencies of facility management. namely: Communication, Emergency Preparedness and Business Continuity, Environmental Stewardship and sustainability, Finance and Business, Human Factors, Leadership and Strategy, Operations and Maintenance, Project Management, Quality, Real Estate and Property Management, Technology.
Knowledge of these core competencies can be acquired from the following training and certification programs:
1. Entry Level training for emerging facility management professionals is Essentials of Facility Management.
2. The must-have credential training in facility management to gain in-depth knowledge of the core FM topics is FMP training.
3. To earn recognition as a leader in the development of sustainability and impact your triple bottom line is SFP training.
4. To earning the most prestigious global certification in facility management for experienced FM Leaders is CFM training.
When you go further to acquire these IFMA Certifications, you become globally qualified to professional practice FM in any part of the world.
For constant sharpening and update of FM knowledge and skills, one requires to be in tune with latest world best practices which are easily available at the annual World Work Place Conference and other IFMA organized programs and exhibitions whether at home or abroad.


To be the most preferred Facilities and Infrastructure management professionals in FM industry in Nigeria and Africa at large.
To consistently update our skills, proficiency, competency and equip our members so as to deliver FM services in line with international best practices and global standards to our numerous clients and by extension making our societies a better place to live in.
1. To offer professional training opportunities to our members for career development and growth and ultimately becoming an FM expert or specialist.
2. To create healthy platforms to interact, collaborate and network with other relevant professionals in the built industry for experience sharing/exchange and knowledge acquisition and enrichment through exhibition and workshops.
3. To develop the capacity of our members to be able to competitively bid for FM jobs, both locally and internationally.
4. To develop a very strong brand for our faculty and by extension - our Institution, in order to become a force to be reckoned with in FM industry in Nigeria and in Africa at large.
5. To always seek collaboration with our educational institutions in the area of educational development for the young ones who want to take up FM as a professional career and also conducting researches into solving local FM issues using local technologies.
6. To encourage our members to come together and establish limited liability companies in order to be able to bid for mega FM jobs.

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