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Project Finance and Management faculty appears probably as the most important faculty among the various business groups of the body of our noble profession in Nigeria and most likely in other countries. Real estate development is the process of advancing the potential of land for all forms of uses and benefits to man. It involves wealth creation and generation of value chain. A consideration of the scope of the faculty will show that the service areas are indeed the processes that create the built environment where other estate surveying and valuation services among all other forums of activities thrive. Real estate development, the fund it can attract, optimization of resources allocated to it and the delivery process all lead to emergence of, and shape the spatial development of a nation.
Meanwhile, property development is largely embarked upon by public and private investors in most cases in Nigeria, not even with the involvement of estate surveyors and valuers for professional inputs. Property, including infrastructure development is done commonly without real estate appraisal. Even, investor in capital-intensive development appears to adopt heuristic approach, except where an appraisal report is required by banks as part of the requirement for making debt capital available for funding the development. The situation in the country again, has to do with a common complaint about problems of development finance and prevalent failure of development proposal to attract funding, particularly debt capital. Real estate development requires proper planning, co-ordination and control in pursuit of design goal of the project.
All areas of service in the scope of the faculty are known world over as being in the competence of estate surveying and valuation. Positioning Nigeria estate surveyors and valuers for effective service delivery in the areas is therefore in the interest of the growth of the profession, the well-being of member and the national economy at large. A notable gab, calling for the professional services of estate surveyors and valuers in our country, Nigeria, is to balance the needs of fund user, the developer, with that of fund provider, the bank in a mutually beneficial partnership through investment medium. This requires proper project conceptualization and planning, with reliable development proposal as investors or in rendering professional services. This is a-must-achieved strategic goal.
Members are kindly welcome to this success path, the success of individual member, the success of NIESV and the success of Nigeria as a nation.

To develop capacity of members of Nigerian Institution of Estate Surveyors and Valuers in the specialized skill of Project Finance and Management and ensuring cutting edge in the market place on international best practice basis.
To earn the recognition in Nigeria and other African countries to be seen as the expert in Project Finance and Management and to be looked up to for skill acquisition.

i. Capacity building for members of the faculty and NIESV in general for in-depth skills in the service areas of Project Finance and Management.
ii. Facilitating specialization.
iii. Ensuring international best practices in the service areas within the scope of the faculty.
iv. Taking advantage of business opportunities in Project Finance and Management in Nigeria and beyond.
v. Dominating the market place in the service areas in Nigeria and other African countries.
vi. Ensuring sustainability in the practice of Estate Surveying and Valuation in Nigeria working in pursuit of the strategic goals of NIESV.

The areas of professional service under the faculty are considered to include and limited to the following:
i. Real Estate Development
ii. Real Estate Investment Appraisal
iii. Real Estate Development Finance
iv. Project Management

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