Professional Exams


1. If you are yet to receive your LOGIN details i.e. Username and Password, please send a request email with subject "Request for Login Detail-( your membership Number)" to:
Your request should include your Full name(surname first), Email address, Exam(s) of interest and Membership No.
You will get a response at least 24 hours from the time of your request Monday – Friday. After you have received the LOGIN details proceed to step(2)

2. On receiving your Login details, candidates should enter their Username and Password on the Membership Portal which is accessible by clicking on "Member Login" menu on the Institution website url:

3. If this is your first time on this Membership Portal, click on the Profile menu and update your details including uploading a VALID passport photograph of less than 60KB. The processes for resizing your photograph are as follows:

i) Scan your passport and save in jpeg picture format
ii) Open the saved jpeg file using your mouse, right click and open your passport photograph in Microsoft Office Picture Manager.
iii) In Microsoft Office Picture Manager, choose Edit picture, click on Compress on the right hand side of the screen and select Web Page then Ok.
iv) Click on Choose the File to Upload the Picture on the Personal Details page, then click on Change Password to Save

4.Fill in other details i.e. email, mobile numbers, date of birth as applicable on the Portal then click Save to complete profile update.

5. Candidates should use the Exam Activities menu after a successful Login on the Membership portal to register for the right stage of examination approved by NIESV to avoid cancellation.

6. Select the Exam center of your choice

7. Review list of subjects display and select those Subjects applicable for your exams while a maximum of two (2) is allowed for any Resit Exam, after selection, click the Apply button to continue.