2020 Elections Voting Instructions

Voting Instructions - 2020/2022 NATIONAL ELECTION

Please find below, the detailed 2020 NIESV Instructions which is self explanatory. It is important that the NIESV Voting populace understands and follow this carefully spelled out instructions in other to ensure smooth and peaceful election exercise please.
The instructions are as follows:

1. Go to the Voter URL
2. Type your Voter ID in the space provided
3. Select via SMS or via email option
4. Click on the GENERATE PASSWORD Button
5. The password would be sent to your registered phone number or email address

1. Go to URL or click on Sign In form the Generate password page
2. Type your Voter ID in the space provided
3. Type the password that was sent to your phone number or email address
4. Click on the Sign In button
5. After successful Sign In, click on “CLICK HERE TO VOTE” Button
6. Click on ‘CLICK TO VOTE’ Button below the Election Categories
7. Select your preferred candidates in each of the categories
  - Optionally, You can choose to view Candidates’ profile.
  - Click on View Profile for the Candidate you want to view
8. Click on the CONFIRM Button on the Side or below the last category
9a. A confirmation Page for your vote selection appears and you would see a Voting token to confirm your selection
9b. Type the token exactly as seen and then click on the VOTE button
10. You would see a Voting in progress bar after which you would be redirected to home page showing you have successfully voted
11. You will receive a sms and email confirming your vote.

We wish the NIESV and its members our best regards

Chairman ,
National Electoral Committee