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At the 47th Annual conference (IMO 2017)

I am very much delighted to welcome you all to the 47th Annual Conference of the Institution holding in the ancient town of Owerri, the Capital of Imo State, the Land of Hope.
The Annual Conference is the main forum for interaction and cross-fertilization of ideas by Estate Surveyors and Valuers in Nigeria, and professionals in allied fields.

The theme of the Annual Conference is usually on topical issues that serve not only the interest of the profession but the society at large. This year, the theme of the conference is ‘Growing and Diversifying the National Economy: The Real Estate Imperatives’. The choice of this theme is premised on the recession caused by the drop in oil prices world-wide. This has resulted in the sharp reduction of the country’s revenue from oil and the consequent recession in the economy, as oil revenue was the mainstay. As professionals that deal on land and landed property, this Conference will focus on how to boost revenue for Governments from landed property to raise the state’s Internally-Generated Revenue (IGR).

The Conference will run from March 28th to April 1, 2017. Experienced and erudite scholars and practitioners will be on hand to deliver papers on the theme and sub-themes of the Conference. Apart from the papers the programme for the conference has been carefully structured to render every Attendee with professional updates, business interaction, relaxation and fun. The different sessions are fully packed to equip participants with practical tips and professional advice to help tackle challenges confronting the practitioners in the field. As I welcome you to this 47th Imo 2017 Conference, may I quickly draw your attention to three prime objects which the Institution Annual Conference seeks to achieve:

» 1. Consider and address contemporary technical, professional, social and other issues affecting the practice of the profession of Estate Surveying and Valuation. The conference would always attempt to proffer solutions to problems in the profession as well as the society.
» 2. As platform for noble Real Estate Professionals to build professional network, up-scale and share knowledge, experiences and ideas on contemporary issues relating to our profession. You will agree with me that we are in an era of knowledge economy. Hence, the annual conference is one of the ways to update the knowledge-base of our members to maintain their vivacity as professionals.
» 3. A platform for members to contribute to public policy and advocacy in areas within our mandate as an Institution. This is what informed the theme of this year’s conference. Our conferences do not only draw national attention on yearly basis based on our choice of theme but also a means for the Institution to contribute to the national discuss on topical issues of the day.

Noble colleagues, the current economic recession with its consequent high unemployment and housing deficit calls for economic diversification and real estate taxation, properly administered under the extant laws of the land could be the way out. These and other revenue sources through real estate investment and management in our dear nation will come under focus at this conference with a view to proffering practical professional resolutions that will boost real estate sector's contribution to the country's gross domestic product (GDP). In the few days of this conference, we would have the opportunity- and indeed the responsibility to prepare a standard frame work on the net impact of real estate sector on the economy and I am confident that this year's conference would turn out to be another terrific event.

Once again, I welcome you all to Imo 2017!

ESV. Dr. B. J. Patonuola - Ajayi (FNIVS, FIRCS, Thd)
22nd President



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