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    NIESV Needs Assessment
    Written by NIESV - PAC
    Posted on 14-08-2020

    With the permission of Mr. President, PAC is conducting a survey tagged NIESV Needs Assessment.

    The survey of which your input is key is to assist Council and the Institution to ascertain the areas of need of members as critical stakeholders of the estate surveying and valuation profession.

    PAC will use the information collected to publish an analytical report for the benefit of the Institution and members; and utilise same as a critical tool of engagement.
    The survey will take less than ten minutes of your time for which we crave your indulgence and cooperation.

    PAC will treat all information gathered with the strictest confidence and respondents' anonymity is guaranteed.

    Link to Survey Questionnaire:

    Emma Omuojine
    Chairman, PAC